3He cryostat

Oxford Instruments Heliox TL

  • Top loading  insert. 
  • Base temperature ~300 mK.
  • 15 T superconducting field.

Atomic Force Microscope

  • Nanomagnetics Instruments ezAFM microscope with sample state positioner.

Vacuum annealer

Custom designed rapid thermal annealer with high vacuum capability (contact me for details).

Wafer spin coater

Laurell Technologies Corporation Spin Coater. 

  • Model WS-650Mz-23NPP
  • 1 mm to 241 mm wafer capability

Variable temperature prober

Cascade Microtech Summit 9600 Prober

  • -20 oC to 150 oC variable temperature
  • custom stage for micromanipulation of atomically thin materials

DC prober

Rucker & Kolls 667 prober

  • 5 DC probes
  • Bauch and Lomb microzoom microscope
  • 6 inch wafer capability

Optical Microscope

Nikon LV100ND-U Microscope with 5MP digital camera

Cryogenic probe station

Lakeshore Cryogenics model TTP4 with temperature variable from 4K to 450K.